Exuberance Personified

Project Details

This Bungalow Project is in the prime area of Mumbai with a built-up area of 15,000 sq. ft. The basic requirement was to plan, 5 lavish bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes, an extensively spread living room and dining space, a home-theatre, an ultra-modern kitchen, a dedicated Pooja area, a gymnasium and also a spa room. Last but not the least, a grand party hall with an open terrace comprising of space for Bar and barbeque counter. The client’s strong penchant for design is achieved use of many bold elements besides using Satuario Marble as a base element in the entire house to maintain the continuity and uniformity of the design throughout the house.

The question during the initial design phase was “How to distinguish a sumptuous space and give it the response that is different from the mundane life?” We went about the design and execution process in a very systematic way to achieve this objective. And the result is there to see.

“The strength of our work lies in the pure modern and contemporary approach to our designs, and this is quite evident in our work.”

Project Name: Exuberance Personified

Project Description: Residential Project

Project Date: Completed 2018

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