Vastu Remedies


Pyramid is a combination of four triangles of perfect dimensions joined together at precise angles. The special shape of the pyramid absorbs the positive universal (cosmic) energy with high concentration at one third height from the apex. This energy confers a number of benefits. Basically, a pyramid generates only positive energy.


Yantra means a spiritual device which helps to converge the divine energy of a deity in a particular place. There exists various types of yantras based on the different aspects of the Divine manifestation. The composition of the yantra, the various procedures involved, the auspicious time in which it is sanctified, the process of purification, infusing of cosmic energy and other factors are very relevant in this science. It should be noted that a yantra simply cannot be purchased from a market or religious place and placed in the prayer room to confer the desired benefits. On the contrary, it is very essential to consult an expert in the subject for proper installation so as to achieve the required objectives.

Copper Strips

A Copper Strip with pyramids is to be used for detachment effect or restricting electromagnetic field of the premises. It is to be placed along with lose pyramids.


Basically crystal means a Gem. It is a precious gift of God to mankind. They are glittering, colorful, luminous and flowery. These gems have their origin in the mineral kingdom.

Crystal is highly effective in neutralizing Vastu defects. We always use one crystal pyramid in every plastic pyramid used for regular remedies.

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