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Interior design Trends 2022
Design trends have evolved over the years, decades and centuries. These changes occurred because of advancement in tools, technologies, material evolution, and also as the result of radical thought process of some of the designers and agencies. Rarely have the design choices been impacted by natural calamities such as pandemics. However, COVID 19 has given a completely new direction to interior design trends. Home and office owners have realized the...
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interior design for hospitality industry
The hospitality industry is one of the biggest businesses across the globe, and contributes to 7.5 percent of India’s GDP. And it is growing year on year. The reason for this exponential contribution is the ballooning economy, rise in international business & leisure tourism ( Pre and Post-Covid ) and the increasing number of middle class families with surplus / disposable income. Incidentally, this business is highly human-centric. A hospitality...
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restaurant interior design
The three key factors which can impact your restaurant business are – food, furniture and feeling or ambience. Optimizing the Interior Design for restaurant will not only ensure quick brand establishment, but the same will evolve into a legacy over a short timeline. Remember, a satisfied customer translates into revisits and free word of mouth publicity. Either way it means increased revenues, the fundamental driver of any business growth. In...
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interior design mistake
No one is perfect! Even the biggest design firms make “Interior Design Mistakes” sometimes. This may include incorrect kitchen counter top dimensions, miscalculation of furniture / fixture scaling or failing to provide final touches. Today, many home owners tend to design their own habitats because it reflects their unique taste and style. However, any misjudgment or inappropriate combination can result in a dwelling which is chaotic, cluttered and an eyesore....
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A kitchen says a lot about the family and the property itself. In today’s busy, contemporary times, efficiency is the key. No wonder then a kitchen takes the center stage, literally and perpetually. Its importance can be gauged from the fact that many times property decisions are made right after being introduced to this section. In short, opulence is one of the essential metrics of luxurious kitchen design. Luxurious and...
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