Commercial Vastu

Although Vastu is an ancient mystical science that provides a unique guide to design and build spaces which are holistic and reflect balanced ambience, its application parameters vary. For example, Vastu for Office Interiors is different from other areas. Milind Pai Architects are pioneers in incorporating these elements resulting in spaces which are highly vibrant in nature.

    • The Senior executives/ managers/ directors should occupy South-West, West & South Zones.
    • The middle management cadre staff should be placed in the North and East zones.
    • The field staff should be placed in the North-West / North-East / South-East Zone.
    • Staff should sit facing North or East directions.
    • The accounts staff/ engineering staff/ artist should be placed in the South-East zone.
    • Vastu for offices demands that the reception/ Visitors/ Temple/ Drinking Water etc. should be arranged in the North / North-East / East / North-West zone.
    • No beam should run above heads of the staff or their seating positions.
    • The North East corner should be empty.
    • Conference room should be in South / West / North-West / South-East directions.
    • The study should face the eastern or northern wall.
    • Sales department should be in South-East / North-West directions.
    • Marketing Department should be in North-West direction.
    • HR/Admin Department should be in North-East / East directions.
    • Accounts department should be in North-East / North directions.
    • Server room should be in South-East direction.
    • R&D department should be in South-East direction.
    • Center portion should always be empty and lightest.

Vastu interiors for office is a serious and uncompromising science which is supervised by specialists. Hence, we in spite of being the Top Architects India, hire expert Vastu Consultants who bring positive energy and stability; the two important pillars of any business.

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