Residential Vastu

Milind Pai Architects design contemporary spaces with a touch of traditional Hindu system of architecture. We are also tagged as one of the Best Residential Vastu Designers.

Mentioned below are some of the Best Vastu Shastra tips for Interiors.

    • Vastu for Residential Interiors demands that no beam should run above the bed.
    • The master bedroom should be in the South West corner and the bed should be on the southern wall.
    • The bedroom for sons should be in the East or South East corner and bed should be on the southern or eastern wall.
    • The guest bedroom or the daughter’s bedrooms should be in the North-West zone.
    • Family members should face East or North in living and dining room.
    • The dining table should be square or rectangle shape and not in hexagonal shape.
    • A offset should be left from the door to wall.
    • The refrigerator should not be placed in East or North side of the room.
    • The computer should be placed in the South-East zone.
    • The study should face the eastern or northern wall.
    • The dressing should be on the East or North wall.
    • The staircase should be facing South or West.
    • The bed should not be in the extreme North East corner and head should be on South or East.
    • It is advisable to not have the mirror exactly opposite the bed.
    • The North-East corner should always be empty.
    • Pooja room should be in North-East / North / East corner of the house.
    • Toilets should be placed in North-West / West corner of the house.
    • Bathroom should be placed in North / North-East / East corner of the house.

Vastu in Interior Design is an art and not just adjusting few design elements. At MPA, we have mastered this art to offer our clients, spaces which offer peace, happiness and success.

If you are looking for an architect and interior designing company who create spaces in contemporary as well as Interior Designing by Vastu, then we strongly suggest you contact us.

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