Retail Interiors

We are Interior Designers for bespoke Jewelry and other retail spaces – technically qualified and passionate professionals, who turn ordinary concrete area into dream spaces – a transformation so intense that many residential, commercial and retail space owners have called it a defining moment of their lives. As one of the leading Architects and Interior Designers in the Retail Interiors segment, we have set  new benchmarks and milestones that have become a guiding force for others to follow.

Does it mean we have achieved the zenith? No! On the contrary, with every project that we complete, we discover ideas and methods which are as radical as some of the tools and materials that we use. Moreover, with the evolution of building materials, technology and machinery, today even the impossible has become possible. And we are one of the few Retail Interior Design firms in Mumbai who subscribe to these changes. Therefore, we don’t see our firm facing the most dreaded word in our profession; Stagnation.

We are not just another Retail Interior Architects, but something akin to the master craftsmen that shape precious jewels. While they assemble scintillating and precious metal products, we  deck-up mundane and bland spaces with mesmerizing elements such as glass, marble, copper and aluminum lights, wooden artifacts, supple upholstery, ascents and a combination of paint and wooden walls. And just like a jeweler when we are finished, the spaces not only looks inviting and warm, but offer a sense of being a part of a beautiful and higher form of structural assemblage.

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