Institutional Vastu

All over India, businesses, NGO’s and philanthropists spend huge amounts of money to build institutions. However, many times, out of ignorance or due to wrong choice of architect, the fundamental principles of Institutional Vastu are ignored. It is highly recommended that such places should have their entrances in East or North east direction. And therefore, Vastu for Institutional Buildings should adhere some of the below mentioned thumb rules.

    • The entrance should be in North to East direction.
    • Location of playground in the North to East ensures more open space and less weight in this direction.
    • The tallest and the biggest building should be in the South-West direction. The building next in size and with lesser number of floors should be in the South-East and North-West direction.
    • It is beneficial to have the entrance gates in West of North-West or South of South-East.
    • Staircase should be in South-West or North-West.
    • The entrance of classroom should be in North to East direction.
    • The blackboard should be in North to East so that the children while learning will face north to East direction only.
    • The office of Principal and chairman should be in South-West direction.
    • The office of the institution or the administrative wing should be in West.
    • Main library should be in West to North-West direction.
    • The laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Industrial, Electrical and Computer engineering should be in the South-East direction.
    • The South-West direction should have laboratories of Civil engineering, Biology, Zoology and Botany.
    • Vastu Interior for Institutional use should have Staff quarters in South-East direction.
    • Parking should be in North-West.
    • Canteen should be in South-East direction.
    • Staff room should be in West direction.
    • The auditorium should be in East to North direction.

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