Pratap Organics

Project Details

Workplace designing is always a challenge because every business has different work culture, ethos and process routines. This invariably translates into a distinct set of demands in design terms. Pratap Organics property, situated in Navi Mumbai, with a floor plate of around 2500 sq. ft. was no different. The idea was to dress up the space for that corporate touch and a sophisticated ambience with a perfect blend of usability, style and substance.

Large and small recessed led lights, mounted on the wide ceiling panels, running along the periphery of the reception area provide an optimal balance of illumination and urbane ambience while the dark grey & white PU panels, cut in triangular pieces, unevenly staggered on the wall and finished in grey laminate add a dash of glamor to this section.

The spacious workstation has been intelligently designed to occupy the center of the property, surrounded by passages, typically along the three sides which lead to the rest of the sections such as conference / meeting areas and private cubicles. The white / orange, and white / green desks with geometrically planned suspended light fixture carefully places in the celling and floor elements, garnished with wooden stands / planter pots offer a sense of belonging, of being in touch with the nature.

The cubicles have desks and back runners in deep grey shade with a full height mirror on the reverse side that creates an illusion of largeness. Separate storages are made available at the end of each workstation. Our intuitive design techniques allowed us to fashion clutter free aisles and nonintrusive cluster of storages which incidentally was one of the main design requirements of the client. The storages were textured with veneer finish / laminates, adding a warm earthly touch to the interiors.

The conference room is simplicity personified with striped flooring, six orange and black chairs embracing a beautifully crafted wooden table done in classic wooden finish while the two, large hexagon light fixtures hung from the recessed ceiling provide enough illumination for a productive meeting. The overall interiors of this office are aesthetically appealing and alluring to enhance the working environment. To accentuate the space further, and give it a fresh look, vibrant artifacts have been placed at strategic places, each blending with the other seamlessly, transforming into a synergized environment. Mr. Milind Pai and his team, through their holistic approach design outstanding spaces every time.

Project Name: Pratap Organics

Project Description: Commercial Project

Project Date : Completed March 2022

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