Sapna Polyweave

Project Details

“Good design seeks a wholesome solution to a strategic environment” asserts Mr. Milind Pai. This mantra is visible in all our projects and one of the reasons why our clients adore us. Creativity, space psychology (user-centric designs), exploitation of appropriate materials and distinctiveness form the pillars of our design juggernaut. No wonder then our projects reflect signature creative and functional values.

Sapna Polyweave, a premium polypropylene mat material producer, located in the bustling Goregaon suburb of Mumbai is one such example. This 2800 sq. ft. commercial property was segregated into discrete working sections, adhering to hybrid office layout principles.

While the receptionist’s table is custom-made, and crafted from a combination of deep brown marble and light wooden finish, interspaced with metal strips (laminate), the back wall is cladded in Satvario marble. This area is further accessorized with hanging metal lamps, accent lighting and fluted mirror paneling. Contemporary, dark green leather chairs sporting wooden legs, embellished with gold bands at the bottom give the whole space a rich and elegant appearance.

Conference room/s boast large square hanging fixtures, thick white terrazzo stone table that accommodates 12 chairs / people and subtle wood paneled walls that literally run across all the sections of the office, seeping into the adjacent cubicles, amplified by large glass partition. A solo television set mounted at the head of the table infuses a sense of professionalism and discipline.

On the other hand, general workstation sports triple, drawn-out desk separated by back-painted glass partitions. The roof sports miniature lamps while a single, stretched florescent lamp hangs beautifully across the entire length of this workstation. The setup has been limited to white shade and elegant wooden top. Recessed sections, just above the storage space are a thoughtful addition. It provides a perfect place to store and retrieve frequently used office essentials and also doubles up as display counters. A quiet and sublime cafeteria is dressed in an intriguing brick wall on one end, suitably energized with white terrazzo counter basin, dark serving platform, mirror and fine WPC louvers. The turquoise chairs add a conflicting but cheerful vibe to this often compromised space.

The fantastic outside view of the executive cabins have been maintained through fundamental principles of interior design which includes clutter free, bare minimum fixtures, a single working desk with a provision to accommodate three guests and open shelves right behind the high back chair. Interestingly, stone-finished, dark grey laminate is used on all the walls of smaller cabins, meeting rooms and throughout the office.

This project utilizes concrete texture, wood and grey color as its theme elements.

Project Name: Sapna Polyweave

Project Description: Commercial Project

Project Date : Completed July 2022

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