White House

Project Details

This residential project was accomplished in the city of Bengaluru. The property belonged to an existing client which made things tougher because of the high standards set by MPA in its earlier offering. This time around the owner wanted our designers to dress-up his 4200 Sq. Feet residential property covering the entire floor.

The client was explicit in his demands. He wanted his house to wear that modern attire and yet offer linear flow of people and natural elements. In short, he wanted visually magnified design that blended naturally with MPA’s aesthetic efforts.

It was a challenging demand, and therefore MPA’s designers chose to exploit the depth of “white” liberally. The entire flooring was spread out with white marble while 80% of the walls and ceiling too were painted in the same shade enhancing the largeness of the place. Backlit panels have been freely used to enhance the ambience and also to mark different sections.

MPA designers made use of furniture and fixtures that were either fabricated or imported from various sources. Each section of the house was made to look distinct with at least one unique element through innovative usage of materials such as swede, leatherette and 3D wall paper. Plants were creatively added to the perimeter while tiny fountains were embedded throughout the inner circumference. Mood based intelligent lightings, state of the art finishes, latest technologies & equipment and functional yet appealing fixtures have been exploited all along the design process which includes beige, grey, gold 8-seater dining table, off the floor white sideboards, beds and semi-precious artifacts.

Project Name: White House

Project Description: Residential Project

Project Date: Completed February 2021

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