Industrial Vastu

An industrial business functions is an extremely different manner. Unlike services, hospitality and back end offices and a small or a large scale industry has different sections and levels of production facilities. Therefore, each unit within the same complex needs a different approach. MPA in spite of being the Best Interior Designers Bombay India, hires expert Industrial Vastu Consultants to maximize output and also prevent unrest and natural hazards.

    • Vastu for industrial plot should have slope towards North to East.
    • Storage of underground water should be in the North-East direction.
    • Main entrance and Abode of God should be planned in East to North direction.
    • The center of the plot or the main building should be vacant. There should not be any trench or water in the center portion.
    • Electrical transformer, boiler, generator wherein heating process is involved or high temperature is generated; such devices should be in South-East.
    • Security quarters should be in South-East direction.
    • Heavy machinery, raw materials, the Head of Production Department, overhead tank, staircase should be in South and South-East direction.
    • Heavy articles, toilet, administrative building, raw materials etc. should be designed in West direction.
    • Packaging, materials ready for sale, dispatch section, marketing department, the exit gate for dispatch of goods should be in North-West direction.
    • Compressor, gas tank, waste bin or scrap materials should be kept in North-West direction.
    • ‘Vastu Interior for Industrial’ plot should be free of any debt.

‘Vastu for Industrial Buildings’ is a challenge for most of the architects and interior designers. However, with our decades of experience we have developed unique templates for maximum results.

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