Hospitality Vastu

Restaurants typically belong to service industry with a continuous movement of patrons. In such a case, adhering to some of the fundamental ‘Restaurants Vastu’ parameters can go a long way in terms of success and stability.

Whether it is Vastu for Hospitality Buildings or a space located within structure, strict rules of Vastu for Restaurant applies as usual.

    • A tea stall, refreshment hotel, general lodge falls in category of most essential services. Therefore, the entrance should be preferably in North to East direction.
    • Hotels like Family Restaurants, permit rooms, 3-5-7 Star Hotels, etc. should also follow the rules of Vastu Interior for Hospitality. Their entrance should be in the South or South-West direction.
    • The reception, information desk, VIP Lounge, waiting lobby, swimming pool, underground water tank, cafeteria, garden restaurant special rooms and lift should be in North-East to ensure light weight and more open space.
    • South-East direction should be kitchen, centralized air conditioning system, electric main switch, transformer, heater, boilers.
    • In South-West direction, there should be customer service, office of the main officer or top management, the building with maximum number of floors, staircase, overhead tank, and maximum storage.
    • In North-West direction there should be room service, toilet blocks, telephone and other communication system, shops for various items, display of special items, gymnasium, club house, entertainment, conference hall, laundry, marketing department etc.
    • ATM facility should be in North.
    • Cyber cafe shops dealing in luxurious or costly and attractive items should be in North-West.
    • Main parking arrangement should be in North-West direction.
    • The storage of cooking gas cylinders should be in the South-East direction.
    • In Vastu Interiors for Restaurants, centralized AC should be in South-East only.

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