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What is the Difference Between Interior Architecture and Interior Design?
Unveiling the Distinction: Interior Architecture vs. Interior Design Interior architecture and interior design are two closely related fields that revolve around creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and well-organized interior spaces. While they share common goals, they differ in their scope, focus, and skill sets.  In this blog, we’ll delve into the differences between interior architecture and...
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Innovative Interior Design Techniques Used by Architects in 2023 - Milindpai
If architects have evolved and today conceive radical structural layouts and designs, so have the tools, technologies and materials which form a span between the two. In fact, it is the evolution of these principle players which has resulted in spaces that scream of reformist interior design techniques and concepts. Multi-functional Furniture & Spaces –...
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Luxury Bedroom 2023 - Milindpai
The dictionary meaning of “Luxury” is “experiencing or enjoying expensive, beautiful and comfortable things” while the adjective, “Luxurious”, means “a place or a setting which is full of comfortable, sumptuous, expensive and beautiful elements”. Interestingly, in the interior design domain, these terms are frequently tagged with human habitats such as apartments, villas and row houses,...
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