Finding the Right Firm to Design Your Architectural Designed Home

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Many homeowners consider “interior designers” and “architectural designers” interchangeable terms. This understanding couldn’t be further from the truth. An architect in Mumbai or elsewhere makes sure that the structural elements are not compromised and at the same time this individual or an agency designs newer spaces, relocates critical assets such as electrical housing, HVAC, doors, plumbing etc. maintaining the aesthetic harmony and the strength of the property including the building itself.

Yet another mistake many home owners make is bypassing architectural design Services Company. Instead, they begin the design process on their own. This could be disastrous. Here are some of the reasons why it is better to hire architectural firms.

• These entities are in sync with the latest trends, technologies and building materials unlike owners who may not be aware of the latest developments.

• Technically, every design alteration in the house affects the strength of the building in which it is situated. An architectural designer makes sure this parameter is never compromised.

• Architectural design firms adopt a strategy called “Technical Roadmap”. This is a blueprint of the entire project which reduces the chances of committing costly mistakes.

• You may be a great conceiver, a fantastic visualizer but it is only the architectural designer of an interior design firm who offers clarity to your ideas.

Finding the Best Interior Architects in Mumbai

Although this may sound like an adventurous trip into the unknown, it is not overwhelming if done intelligently. Mentioned below are some of the ways you can find the right firm to design your architecturally designed home.

1. One of the strong recommendations is internet search. Once you have narrowed down a few firms, check out their Google Business Page. Make sure you browse their reviews. It is a window that offers unbiased appraisal by past customers.

2. Exploiting local directories and design magazines is yet another way. Most of the progressive architects in India not only update and upgrade themselves regularly but also post articles in these publications. It is a positive sign and a mark of a truly advanced design enterprise. Call them, maybe drop a mail. Check out their response and response time. It will offer an insight into their efficiency and commitment.

3. Referrals from friends and known architects from another city is yet another way to find the right design firm. This may seem like a long shot but you never know a referral out of the blue may turn out to be a design prodigy. Sometimes, the most unexpected avenues offer the most relevant results. So go on, send an SOS across your social circle.

Questions you need to ask Residential Architects –

Once you have narrowed down two, maybe three design firms the next step is to get clarification on the following –

1. Cost of accomplishing your architectural design project. This is of paramount importance because disregarding it will only mean you will have to restart the negotiation with another firm in case the financial terms are not mutually arrived at.

2. Check out your chosen design firm’s existing projects. Make sure you visit a couple of properties and get the feel of quality, workmanship and the design trends exploited. Does it have that bespoke element? Yes! Then go ahead and complete the rest of the formalities.

3. Not many home owners look into the “Time” factor. Except for the changes from your end and unseen technical / natural hiccups, your chosen architectural interior design firm should complete the task within the stipulated period. This becomes even more important if you are planning to move into the house on a particular date.

4. Regular updates and tours – A progressive, residential architects firm will always welcome home owner’s participation in the project. In fact, your constant interaction will mean reduced changes or flaws. Ask your design firm if they are comfortable with the idea. Clarify about your visits to the site in case you are not residing within the concerned property.

Creativity is not the bastion of any individual or design firm. As a homeowner you have all the rights to design / decorate your house. Nonetheless, talent is subjective and therefore flawed if exploited without the fundamentals. It can lead to delays, cost escalations and shoddy workmanship. As a homeowner, you do not want this to happen to your dream project. On the other hand, an architecturally designed home reflects class, charisma, and carefully planned and functional features. The extra cost justifies, especially when compared with the advantages—in terms of peace of mind and distinctly designed residential property.


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