The difference between Interior design and Interior architecture

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Commercial and residential properties typically comprises of three crucial elements—RCC beams, pillars and floor. These elements are the pillars of strength to the entire structure and at no time should these components be compromised, and this is where interior architecture individuals and agencies step in. These entities provide services that include design, redesign and remodelling of existing elements including partitions and facades. On the other hand, interior space designers look more after the aesthetical elements such as furniture, fittings, colour palette and overall appearance.

Architects and Interior Designers in India are Integrated Services Providers

While individuals belonging to these domains may specialise in one of the above mentioned areas, established firms offer integrated services. For customers, it simply means a single point of contact for all their structural and interior designing needs.

Mentioned below are some of the compelling differences between interior design and interior architecture –

1. Interior architecture is not just about dimensional stability and configuration, it is also about strength, longevity and safety, and therefore individuals and agencies offering services within this domain need to have complementing degree and licenses. On the other hand interior designers may or may not possess the required educational qualification. It is not mandatory for interior designers to have an operating license. However, talent, creativity and experience are some of the “Must Have” qualities for both.

2. “Architects Mumbai” is a termappended to entities in Mumbai who look after the design of the structure, placement of essential sections such as power hubs, elevator shafts, ducts, emergency exits, fire fighting system etc.These entities also design and allocate spaces within a building or an apartment adhering to predesigned blueprint. This applies to commercial as well as residential structures. However, interior design revolves around services that add or amplify aesthetic beauty and functionality.

3. While interior architects tend to offer services revolving around structural issues, space partitioning and elevation ( inside and outside ), interior designers, especially agencies provide services involving cosmetic and well as structural design changes. Yes, most of the time, large and small interior design agencies double up as structural specialist. Google search “Best Interior Designers Mumbai” and you will be surprised to see “design architects” in this list of services.

4. Although interior design and interior architecturespecialists exploit computers, software and technology to create blueprints, their goals are extremely contrasting. While the former is a roadmap which leads to better flow of spaces, adds distinct style influence, makes use of optimal materials and colourpalate, the latter blueprints are technical maps that reflect structural changes, partitions and positioning of various elements in the design themes.

Conclusion –

For most of the property owners, terms such as “Top Architects Mumbai” or “Best Interior Designers” may seem like two different ways of addressing interior designers, which is completely incorrect and a misguided understanding. The scope of work / area of expertise is absolutely distinct and different from each other—while interior designfolks exploit their talent, their skills to create gratifying spaces that are functional and also add aesthetic value, interior architecture affiliated individuals and agencies also keep a strict vigil on the structural aspects, making sure that new additions, alterations follow the comprehensive building code, ordinances and associated standards for the construction of buildings. And this comes over and above their aesthetical design skills.

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