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Architect Milind Pai is a B. Arch degree holder from Sir J.J. College of architecture and is currently the Chief Architect of the firm Milind Pai – Architects & Interior Designers, which is a well-established brand name in the profession of Architecture and Interior Design.

Ever since the establishment of this firm in 1987, he has been constantly adding values and expertise to its think – tank. A perfectionist by nature and with an uncompromising flair for innovations, he has been constantly adding new milestones for this firm.

For Milind, design is a passion and this is one reason he has never hesitated to accept projects in various verticals, as long as there is a designing expertise involved, right from the outset. This has led to the firm being a multi-specialty firm and targets multi-specialty under the same brand name.

Always hungry for skills and knowledge, Milind has undergone various development programmers on Entrepreneurial Management and Business Administration.

On a personal front, Milind loves to travel a lot and has been to several exotic destinations around the world. He likes to study the varied cultures around the world and also loves photography. As a person, he loves meeting new people and interacting with them. This is also being the one important trait that has led the firm to complete projects in 30 cities in India and 3 internationally.

Passionate to become an Air Force Pilot in his formative years, Architect Milind Pai who is enriching the industry with his unique designs, got into the field of architecture and design because of a series of circumstances and flukes. He had even joined UDCT (ICT, Mumbai) to become a Chemical Tech graduate, when still unsure of securing admission in J.J. College. Later he also qualified for the admission at the Catering College, Dadar, Mumbai and also was cleared for admission into the NDA to train as a cadet for Air force, which was his dream.

However, the one week he spent in the J.J. College of Architecture was enough for him to realize that this was his calling and he was destined to be an architect!

Milind Pai – Architect & Interior Designers, firm was founded in 1987, the very 1st year after completing his graduation. The firm’s design philosophy is a simple extension of ‘form follows function’.

The spaces Ar. Milind designs are a result of in-depth analysis of the clients’ needs versus the function of those spaces. The passion comes from converting these spaces into comprehensive design solutions, which blend into the cultural, physical and emotional needs of the occupants.

As a result, in their regular design process, the firm deeply studies the various aspects of the client, like the family, profession, physical and emotional needs, temperament, budgets, aesthetical expectations, design style and exposure, their peers and competitors and even the energy levels and work-life discipline.

As a policy, they are not attached to a singular style of design and thus do not lose their creativity and interest to explore newer and bolder ideas.”

‘Nature at its indigenously Unique Creativity’ is what inspires Milind a lot as he keeps saying, “In nature, we see a flawless balance of design, eco system and the aesthetical beauty in its purest form.”

For design inspiration, he says, “The work on Antonio Gaudi in his unfinished church, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, has had a huge inspirational impact on me for the sheer originality of the design and the audacity to use revolutionary motifs, features and more. I also admire the capability of this great designer to translate his rebellious ideas into acceptance and revered architecture.” Further, the Church of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, is also one of his favorite structures. Among the modern structures, he is quite impressed with Guangzhou Opera House, China which sits like pebbles in a stream, smoothened by erosion and is in perfect harmony with its riverside location.

Ar. Milind is the great admirer of the flowing forms of Iconic Zaha Hadid’s designs, and for which he says, “More than her designs, I admire her creative guts to innovate the flow of forms into practically workable and admirable space solutions and architecture.”

On the personal front, travelling and photography interests him lot. He has personally travelled to many exotic destinations in almost all continents.

In his firm, designers work in close collaboration with other experts including Engineers, Graphic Designers, Artists, Sculptures, Landscape Designers, Lighting and Acoustic Specialists. They have been constantly adding new milestones by propagating values, team work and expertise to every project.

They are today a multi-specialty firm undertaking projects in Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Health and Hospitality Interiors and presently operate from a well-equipped office at Mumbai’s suburb of Andheri.

They are driven by a passion for excellence driving them to improve and innovate in all areas and every stage of design development while staying abreast with the latest in technology to ensure consistent high quality work. The projects are closely monitored by the site coordinators & their teams designated for the particular site & the total co-ordination job between the client & the agencies which is taken well care of as a one stop solution.

Covered in many Magazines and other Media on a continuous basis, this firm is today a brand par excellence in the Field of Interior Architecture and is fast growing into a Top International Class Design Firm to watch for.

The ‘Core Purpose of their Organization is to “Inspire Creativity that turns

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