Can artificial intelligence replace architects?

“Best Architects India” is currently one of the popular search terms. It may not be so in the future. Some of the recently concluded studies on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on various professions have come out with astonishing results. While AI will continue to affect several professions which are monotonous and non-creative in nature, its impact on architects in terms of percentage is one of the lowest; less than 2%. So, should architects breathe a sigh of relief? Yes, of course.

So, what is the reason for this unusually low impingement? The answer is expertise (creativity), empathy and emotions. AI or Artificial Intelligence may change some of the duties of an architect, some may even become redundant, but the profession itself can never be taken over by programmed codes or AI assisted robots / machines. The term “Architects India” will continue to flourish within search engines and in real world too. It is obvious that certain design and construction chores will be powered by intelligent machines, but one also needs to understand that spaces whether home or office ultimately demand humane touch which incidentally only a human architect can offer.

Creativity is yet another factor which even in humans is considered a God’s gift. An AI programmed computer, machine will simply offer solutions which are fed into its brain. This technology will also offer realistic design and layout mockups. In the future and in tandem with VR an architect can actually offer clients 3D homes / office tours. However, spaces created by these smart tools will be devoid of one essential feature; the design soul. Search “best architects Mumbai” and Google will fetch several individuals with creative souls.

Envisioning demands a human mind; a mind so complex and so deep that it will take AI thousands of years to even match with human virtues, let alone being called a clone. Hundreds of billions of nerve fibers of human brain process daily phenomenon including what the eyes sees and what the mind feels. AI will never be able to compete against these profound and intuitive tools. AI can create efficient and cost-effective spaces. On the other hand architects create spaces which offer cathartic experience.

AI simply gathers inputs from home / office owners vis-à-vis their goals, their needs and their future plans. It will then output the best combination depending on its inbuilt algorithms which interestingly have been coded by none other than humans themselves. However, the resultant designs and its interiors will be devoid of life and vibrancy. Only best architects India embeds the same.

AI will make architects even more efficient and will continue to address the ever-evolving architectural demands which include planning, mockup designing and building cost estimates. In future, and as mentioned above, this technology will provide smart spaces, stunning virtual reality experience but architects will continue to be the flux between AI and human resources. In short, without real-life architects, AI is just a creative orphan.



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