Newest Trending architect interior designers in India for 2023

Newest Trending architect interior designers in India for 2023

The concept of trending “interior design” is not new. It has echoed in the corridors of this creative domain since time immemorial. However, every trend is cyclical in nature. The fad for particular designs, materials and colours rise in popularity, trend for few months / years and then gradually fade away. Search Google “architects India” and visit the recommended agencies’ ( URL’s ). You will observe that each of these entities offer parallel “Trendy” designs. Personal choice also matters. And therefore, without the participation of property owners a new set of design fundamentals can never evolve into a popular choice.

So, what are the newest trending interior designs for 2023?


The rounded form factor is back. Furniture, decorative ceilings and even motifs on walls boast soft, rounded contours.  There is something natural about curved objects and habitats. It is easy on eyes, warm and welcoming, and provides mystical elegance to the space. Talk to “top interior designers Mumbai” and the chances are the concerned agency will suggest curved design theme. Due to its organic bearing, it instantly evolves into a focal point of any space. Typical examples are sofa sets, dining table and even a coffee table. In short, undefined shapes allow designers to create spaces that resonate with today’s popular choice of going “minimalistic”.


Unlike linear designs which appear continuous due to its hard lines, curved edges such as arches instantly break this boring continuity. Now arches can be incorporated and embedded in various elements such as doors, windows, ceilings, walls etc. Even artefacts and decorative embellishments can be customized for that complementing curviness. As mentioned above, soft, rounded designs do not need extra architectural or design support. They are comprehensive within their own avatars.


Quite often, property owners override interior designer’s suggestions. This is especially true when it comes to colours—be it walls, furnishings or tiles/flooring. Most of the times, it turns out to be a disaster. Ask “best interior designers India” and their unanimous choice for 2023 will be neutral shades. Beige, ivory, cream and white are some of the trending hues. These are cool on eyes, complement most of the fabrics and offer a sense of hugeness to the interiors. For a dramatic effect, neutral shades are interspersed with brown and gold accents. Natural colours complement natural furnishing fabrics such as linen, wool, hemp ( plain or Jacquard ) beautifully.


Although recessed lights, focus lamps and scones continue to be exploited by interior designers, the idea is to break the monotony by introducing chandeliers in strategic areas of the habitat. This could be the dining section, foyer and even passageways. Crystal chandeliers have this inherent quality of offering the space a rich and luxurious feel. The elegance can be enhanced further by mounting curved or rounded, multi-tier chandelier with gold / silver accents. Top interior designers Mumbai highly recommend this element for their projects.


If you are looking for latest trends in interior design domain your best bet is to search “interior designers India” on internet or design magazines / directories. Nonetheless, DIY will simply not work because it demands qualified and experienced professionals. Remember, dressing up property with latest design elements is a pricey affair. There is no scope for error, however minuscule, and therefore it is highly advisable to get in touch with a renowned interior design agency.









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