Important Factors to Consider in the Modern Luxury Bedroom Planning and Interior Design

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The dictionary meaning of “Luxury” is “experiencing or enjoying expensive, beautiful and comfortable things” while the adjective, “Luxurious”, means “a place or a setting which is full of comfortable, sumptuous, expensive and beautiful elements”. Interestingly, in the interior design domain, these terms are frequently tagged with human habitats such as apartments, villas and row houses, especially bedrooms.

A bedroom is a place where human beings unwind, relax and in these modern times execute some of their professional chores, and therefore this space needs to be carefully planned to offer maximum comfort and inspiration. Mentioned below are some of the important factors to consider while planning and designing a modern luxury bedroom.

The Size 

When it comes to modern interior design concept, size does matter. A smaller bedchamber will never reflect “Luxury” in spite of accessorizing it with million dollar fittings and furnishings. As a house owner, make sure you allocate extra real estate to your bedroom. An ideal space would be the one that easily accommodates a king size bed, night stands, foot / bedroom bench and a coffee table. A luxurious bedroom is “de-clutter” personified. It simply means that bedside table/s sports just a lamp and the foot bench is reserved for blanket / bedspread or nightwear.


A well designed and well executed headboard instantly turns into a feature element. It also enhances the glamour quotient of the space if the colour/s, material/s and form factor are intuitively and creatively exploited. For example a contrasting, padded buttoned or patterned headboard looks aesthetically pleasing and also adds a dash of “Opulence”. Leather, velvet and even man-made fabrics are some of the basic materials which enhance the overall ambience. Modern interior designers in India use shimmering metals / wooden accents to boost the richness of the bedroom further.

Theme Based Lighting 

Lightings are powerful interior design elements. They radically change the appearance of any bedroom with just a few button clicks. Whether it is pendant, scone, modern LED concealed ( ceiling ) bulbs or bedside lamps, they need to complement each other and the theme as well. Metal and glass based lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and crystal nightstand lamps instantly offer the room a luxurious character. You also need to understand that “luxury bedroom interior design” is not just about big budget; it is also about creativity and finish.

Crown Mouldings & Window Dressings 

From simple wooden based runners that meander between the ceiling and the top of a wall to metal accents, and from clay sculpture to baroque glass borders, crown mouldings have the power to transform even ordinary room into a super luxurious habitat. These decorative mouldings can also be executed on featured wall or wrapped around doors and windows, and further glamorised through linear or floral patterns. Along with rich window dressing, a bedroom quickly evolves into a space befitting a King / Queen. Crown mouldings are frequently exploited by interior design professionals across the globe.

Wall & Floor Dressing – Interior Designer Mumbai

As mentioned above, de-cluttering instantly offers a sense of spaciousness. This can be further accentuated by exploiting subtle wall colours. In fact, having a feature wall with designer, cork / padded wall paper or cornice with themed mural can do wonders in terms of grandeur and distinctiveness. Floors done up in hardwood, luxury vinyl tiles or rare marble, and randomly scattered with Persian ( floral / geometric ) rugs rounds off that deluxe ambience.


Modern luxury bedroom interior design is not just about spending more money and adding irrelevant embellishments. It is about space planning, choice of furnishings and fittings, and how all these actions are executed. The idea is to mix and match vintage elements with contemporary design concepts, and also to exploit materials which are rich to look and feel. De-cluttering is yet another factor which simply cannot be ignored. A minimalistic bedroom is in itself a symbol of “Luxury”.

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