Role of an Architect in Designing Eco – Friendly Spaces

Eco Friendly Architect Design

The world is seriously revolutionizing ways and means to reduce the negative impact of industrial activities on our planet. Every domain, including petrochemicals, automobileand pharmaceuticals are doing their bit to reduce greenhouse gases. Real Estate too has embarked on this mission. The role of architect has therefore evolved dramatically because an architect holds the required virtues and qualifications to achieve this goal.

Buildings & Building Construction Pollute Nature –

Construction of any kind is initiated through multiple processes / actions which directly and indirectly impact global warming. Dust, water consumption and pollution, heat generation and chopping of trees and green lands are some of the common collateral damages. However, an intuitive and well-informed Architects’ firm reduces these negative impacts to a large extent by opting for designs and practices which are nature friendly.

Eco-friendly Practices – Architects Mumbai Mantra –

Not many are aware that learned real estate property buyers have become quite sensitive to terms like global warning, eco-friendly building materials, and energy efficient methodologies. This is where the role of an architect shifts from providing aesthetically pleasing commercial and residential spaces to offering homes and offices which are designed from renewable resources; internally as well as externally.

“Best Architect in India” and their associates are frequently hired by top builders and real estate property developers in Mumbai and India to provide civil engineering support such as radical structural designs, functional hubs for HVAC, plumbing and electrical stations, and aesthetic design enhancements that will reduce the consumption of electricity, improve natural lighting and also condense overall carbon footprint. These days, architects, architectural designers work in tandem with civil folks to create world class buildings using technologies based on emerging trends and consumer demands.

Architect India – Civil & Architectural Designer –

The fine line between the two professional entities is fast disappearing these days. The role of an architect vis-à-vis real estate industry has evolved over a period of time. Search top architect Mumbai, and you will realize that these entities provide a gamut of services including structural and aesthetics. This is simply because architects have sound knowledge of building construction principles. Thanking, this overlapping of services has only improved the quality of newly built spaces in terms of efficiency, design values, buyer acceptance / appreciation and of course reduction of CO2.

Conclusion –

Although, the professional terms, “architects and architectural designers” are synonymous with aesthetics and space enhancement, the fact is, these entities have been increasingly signed and contracted for tasks other than enhancing the beauty of real estate properties. As mentioned above, the role of architect has now spilled over to other areas, and now expected to provide energy and space efficient habitats, exploit renewable resources, craft effective lighting system, incorporate intelligent ventilation and also look into external elements such as facade, grill work and construction of free-form designs. These additional frills help the real estate developers to sell properties and improve their sales.


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