Innovative Interior Design Techniques Used by Architects in 2023

Innovative Interior Design Techniques Used by Architects in 2023 - Milindpai

If architects have evolved and today conceive radical structural layouts and designs, so have the tools, technologies and materials which form a span between the two. In fact, it is the evolution of these principle players which has resulted in spaces that scream of reformist interior design techniques and concepts.

Multi-functional Furniture & Spaces –

Interior design architects find their inspiration from nature, and therefore these professionals embed elements in their design concept which complement the surroundings. Linear shapes are slowly making way for curved objects. One of the common innovative interior design techniques adopted by best interior designers is utilising amorphous objects in larger spaces and undeviating elements in smaller sections of real estate. They are then delineated through creatively set up wooden / glass walls, carpets or different wall colours. Interestingly, some of the furniture can be quickly manipulated to change the functionality of the concerned space.

Moreover, most of the materials, finishes, and shapes are organic in nature. This includes cabinetry, wardrobes and sideboards / side tables. Another innovative technique exploited by these professionals is designing multi-functional furniture and spaces that transform with just a few adjustments. And all this is achieved with much lesser impact on our environment.

3D Printing –

Most of the innovative interior design techniques revolve around the exploitation of exhaustive concepts, materials and technologies, and one of the popular ways which is fast catching up the fancy of even the most discerning design professional is the use of 3D printing. Interior design architects realise the potential of 3D printing and therefore use it to create bespoke objects / furniture including walls, segregators and intricate runners. 3D printing technology’s capabilities are unmatched, and a perfect design / manufacturing alternative for smaller residential / commercial properties.

One need to understand that 3D printing is a versatile tool which allows interior design professionals to create custom furniture which is one of kind and made as per customer’s conception, and also for dedicated spaces such heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and ducting. Even mock-ups for the entire residential / commercial properties are possible with this new age technology. No wonder then interior design firms across the world are finding 3D printing extremely convenient and a gratifying option / technique.

Smart Technology –

If furniture and fittings have turned into multi-functional objects, so have the rest of the design components. For example, the roof and the canopies are now crafted with tiles / shingles which are actually solar panels. These creatively camouflaged panels evolve into a secondary power source. Top interior designers exploit a slew of smart devices such as smart air-conditioning units, voice controlled doors and software backed refrigerators / television sets, and state of the art digital security systems.

Smart technology not only helps reduce redundant chores or getting out of the seat / bed to perform mundane tasks, it also helps conserve energy through smart sensors. Advanced and highly responsive smart technologies change the hue and the shade of facades, window panes to deflect sunrays and thereby reduce power consumption. Smart windows make way for optimized sunlight which offers a healthy and rejuvenating ambience for residents; a must have feature in these vexing times.

Conclusion –

Interior design techniques are evolving rapidly. Google search for “Interior Designers India” and the chances are you will see their projects exploiting the above techniques to varying extents. Innovative interior design techniques used by architects in 2023 range from multi-functional fittings / furniture / spaces to smart technologies, from customised 3D printed objects to organic shapes and finishes. Design professionals now create interiors which are in sync with the residents’ habits, moods, health and lifestyle rather than just standalone, passive ornamental pieces.

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