Things to Keep in Mind for Interior Designing a New Villa

interior design for villa

Unlike a regular apartment, penthouse or a large residential space spread over the entire floor, a villa is largeness personified. It is a symbol of affluence, and therefore interior design for villa presents several challenges. A perfect analogy to a villa would be “Money”. The more you have the greater the responsibility.

One of the distinct features of a villa is the surplus space around the actual quarters. This also translates into multiple open spaces, balconies, decks, patio etc. These staccato areas provide creative opportunities, demanding full potential of interior designer’s abilities and resources.

Staccato or Disconnected Peripheral Sections –

Ask best interior designer for villa in Mumbai or India, and this entity will suggest dressing up these areas / decks by introducing plants, trees and furniture made from weather resistant materials such as rattan or cane. By prefacing greenery, designers can obliterate that jarring divide between the luscious outside and a bland glass & concrete structure, thereby propagating nature. These peripheral zones provide a perfect place to set up a simple reading area with a just a couple of lounging chairs and a coffee table or a yoga den or simply a watching deck with a large telescope and a miniature bar for that extended star gazing rendezvous.

Interior Designer India – Design Furniture Wisely

Whether it is a country villa or a suburban villa, these residential quarters are huge. They boast large living room, large bedrooms and even mammoth bathrooms. Designers whether professionals or amateurs need to understand that a large space doesn’t mean you need to dump as much furniture as possible. It will only turn it into a showroom. As mentioned above, large spaces need to be utilized responsibly. Go minimalistic and enhance that “vastness” factor further. Dining area can be a single piece of furniture – an 8 or 10 seat affair made from “Themed” material. Bedrooms can follow the same norm; the same theme, adopting frugal designing concept. The idea is to let the light and nature seep in. Pastel or neutral colours go well with ornate and complex, rich furnishings.

Themed Dressing –

Google search “top interior designer Mumbai” and you will realize that a villa is a luxury in most parts of the world and therefore demands exclusive materials and designs. However, materials, furnishings and fittings need not be overbearing or enduring. If design theme is contemporary then fabrics such as linen in simple geometric, floral pattern or plain linear colours can turn any room vibrant, welcoming and easy on eyes. On the other hand “Vintage Themed” villas can exploit silk, wool and complex brocade / raised designs along with darker wall shades and classic design fundamentals. One of the common mistakes designers should avoid is having a common ceiling for all the rooms. This is one area where you can experiment. Use wooden beams embedded with classic or contemporary lights. If your theme permits, opt for a regular false ceiling or maybe a floating one with LED lamps embedded in it like stars.

What about Storage?

Interior designing a new villa can blunt one’s sense of practicality. It results in scattered pieces of furniture, especially repositories which house clothes, crockery and assorted items used in day to day life. This simply translates into comic situation where the resident needs to shuffle from one end to the other, regularly, to fetch daily essentials. Ideally, designers need to grab one part or a section of the room, and then spread the wings. The idea is to design various facets of each room which are in synch with each other and not disjointed, especially storage spaces such as wardrobes, dressing unit, book shelves and crockery cabinets.

Let there be Light –

Interior design for villa needs to adhere to theme, including lighting fixtures. This norm can be challenged with contrasting illuminations but requires an extremely creative mind. For example, a classic villa with modern LED lightings may appear out of place. However, exploiting long strip of LED light in tandem with vintage variation can result in an inspiring space if arranged creatively. Designers also need to make sure these are easily replaceable and easy to access. Many times, fancy lights are added without giving a thought to their maintenance parameters. Power consumption, availability of replacement and performance are some of the aspects designers should consider before installation.

Conclusion –

Largeness doesn’t necessarily translate into added benefit. Best interior designer for villa will vouch for this. On the contrary, designing bigger residential properties at times can be quite a daunting task, and this reason is surplus real estate. Designers need to keep a balance between going overboard and opting for extremely frugal path. Moreover, all the elements of a villa need to connect with each other and provide that sense of continuity and cohesiveness.


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