Interior Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

interior design mistake

No one is perfect! Even the biggest design firms make “Interior Design Mistakes” sometimes. This may include incorrect kitchen counter top dimensions, miscalculation of furniture / fixture scaling or failing to provide final touches.

Today, many home owners tend to design their own habitats because it reflects their unique taste and style. However, any misjudgment or inappropriate combination can result in a dwelling which is chaotic, cluttered and an eyesore. If you are displeased with the overall makeover of your residential property, chances are you have committed one of the following Interior Design Mistakes. Read on to know more about them and how to fix it.

Conflicting Furniture & Fixtures –

Imagine a situation where you have a small-sized bedroom. Now imagine the same room with a miniature bed and over-sized side tables and equally large ceiling lamps which literally block your vision. Visualize another situation where the bed occupies the entire room with little real estate left for other fixtures or movement. This is where scaling comes into the picture. This is one the fundamental principles which Best Interior Design Firms follow strictly.

Fixes –

Get rid of the over-sized side tables and setup complementing ones, those which dimensionally match with the rest of the furniture. In fact, even a solo piece would suffice. As for the lamps, smaller, recessed lamps can work wonders. It will not only enhance the room size but provide better luminance.

Single Color – The Design Nemesis

Okay, so you are fond of cream color, maybe white. You then decide to paint the entire house in either of the colors. It typically results in a space which is bland, uninspiring, and hospital-like offering absolutely no joy. Moreover, one-color scheme snatches one of the essential parameters of a habitat; depth. The question is – how do you fix an interior design mistake of this kind?

Fixes –

Clinically selected multiple colors which complement each other not only create sections sans walls but also provide a sense of depth to the premises. Remember, just because your property has a titular title “The White House” doesn’t mean you have to literally scrub, paint and garnish everything in a single color.

Multiple Finishes – The Scourge of Design Fundamentals

We all want the best of everything. This lust for more is clearly visible post home make-over. Every corner reflects a different design material while every section a different finish. All this simply results in a place which is jarring to the eyes. Moreover, having multiple building materials and finishes leads to greater maintenance cost. Google search top “Interior Designers India”, call up these agencies, and they will vouch for this fact.

Fixes –

Even before the first brush stroke is applied or the first swipe of wooden polish is initiated make sure you limit your material and finish exploits to bare minimum. Anything more, as mentioned above will be an eyesore. The idea is to restrain your creativity from going overboard.

Overcrowding – More is Not Always Fun

One of the frequent design mistakes many home owners and even professional designers commit is overcrowding the dwelling. Overwhelming design augmentation can actually ruin the room’s creative integrity. Unwanted foot stool, bed bench, extra rugs, overly crowded walls and wardrobes that literally take up the entire room are design disasters. There is a big difference between a cozy space and a closet. Don’t believe us … get in touch with “Interior Designers Mumbai” who will validate the above.

Fixes –

Get rid of non-functional and rarely used furniture and fixtures. If the floor is already finished with pricey marble or laid out in wood and glossy polish there is no point covering it up with monster rugs / carpets?

Conclusion –

Most of the interior design mistakes can be reversed with minimum fuss and spending. However, changing the paint scheme, replacing materials and finishes can be a pricey affair. On the other hand faulty drapes, furniture realignment, getting rid of extra accessories or replacing / removing lamps should not burn a big hole in your pocket. Even the best interior designers in India exploit these strategies.


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