Ultra Luxurious Kitchen

A kitchen says a lot about the family and the property itself. In today’s busy, contemporary times, efficiency is the key. No wonder then a kitchen takes the center stage, literally and perpetually. Its importance can be gauged from the fact that many times property decisions are made right after being introduced to this section. In short, opulence is one of the essential metrics of luxurious kitchen design.

Luxurious and ultra-luxurious kitchens have come a long way in terms of design and materials. So, what exactly is an ultra-luxurious kitchen? Can a property owner design one within the existing habitat. Read on to know the answer.

While most of the so called ultra-luxurious kitchens in Mumbai and elsewhere are nothing but regular designs sprinkled with few opulent accessories and fixtures, the real ones are planned spaces, consistent in design, boast top of the line appliances and materials and painted in neutral color palettes. Some of the distinct features of a kitchen belonging to this category include –

Cabinetry – Luxurious Kitchen Interior

Luxurious and ultra-luxurious kitchens scream of cabinetries which are distinct and daring. What does that even mean? These luxury kitchen cabinets are frameless and therefore reflect sharp finish, seamless edges and less wastage of space. It all adds up to a deluxe look, large openings and easy to channelize drawers. Unlike traditional cabinets, this one doesn’t have a center stile or wooden frames, and therefore not only provides that grand appearance but also improves the longevity of the fixture.

Countertops and Faucets –

While ordinary kitchens use standard countertop materials such as granite, wood and recycled stuff made from concrete / glass, luxurious kitchen interior design exploits engineered quartz and marble. They look stunning, elegant and because they are available in various patterns and prints, its blending ability is simply unmatched. This single choice / change can alter the kitchen appearance – from an ordinary looking place to a magnificent section matching the family’s high lifestyle quotient. Brass & polished copper or brushed alloy faucets are a rage when it comes to luxury kitchens. Adding these will elevate the grandeur of the kitchen further.

The Magic of Hidden Appliances –

True-blue, ultra-luxurious kitchen reflect premium appliances which are integrated within the cabinetry. It gives the entire section a polished, regal look. This is especially true with large appliances such as fridge and oven. Embedding or merging them with complementing enclosures not only reduces clutter but improves the overall appearance as well. This seamless integration of gadgets is one of the salient features of luxury modern kitchen design.

Flooring & Lighting –

If countertops can change the character of a particular section, flooring does the same to the entire cooking and meal preparing room. Premium materials such as marble, hardwood and certain qualities of granite transform the look of a kitchen, providing that super luxury finish. Designers in India further spruce it up with matching classic or contemporary lighting & light fixtures. It is worth investing in distinct luminaires for that premium and rich ambience.

Conclusion –

Luxurious kitchen design exploits high end materials, state of the art cabinetry, latest gadgetry & appliances and distinct fixtures for that plush appearance. While some of them have been mentioned above, there are quite a few options which can be exploited depending on the design needs and user aspirations. Connect with best Interior Designers in Mumbai such as Milind Pai Architects for a “No strings attached” consultancy.


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