Latest Interior Design Trends for 2022

Interior design Trends 2022

Design trends have evolved over the years, decades and centuries. These changes occurred because of advancement in tools, technologies, material evolution, and also as the result of radical thought process of some of the designers and agencies. Rarely have the design choices been impacted by natural calamities such as pandemics. However, COVID 19 has given a completely new direction to interior design trends.

Home and office owners have realized the futility of extravagance, of creating an artificial, cluttered ambience, of all the jazz that has little or no impact on human body or mind. And therefore, natural and spiritual are the new buzzwords of 2022.

Best Interior Designers India – Exploit Sustainable Resources

Post pandemic, designers and users have learnt to respect nature. It has taught humans to nurture, worship and at the same time stop abusing it because it can be disastrous in the long run. More and more designers have started exploiting natural, sustainable wood, fabrics made from jute, linen and biodegradable materials such as cane, bamboo and nonwovens. Designers and agencies are also experimenting with batch produced input mediums made from these natural products for exclusivity. This radical shift towards exploiting innovative, natural materials offers spaces which are divine, calm and reverberate with profound vibes.

Physical & Creative Composition of Design Elements

While man-made raw materials leave behind shockingly high carbon footprint, natural, biodegradable and sustainable materials like linen, silk, and even blended cotton are not only eco-friendly but extremely “Texture” friendly too. These can be printed, dyed, woven and knitted into distinct and inspiring patterns / colors using natural dyes. 2022 is the year of subtlety and therefore warm and subdued designs have found growing acceptance. Loud and complex compositions such as block and sharp edge patterns are passé. Interiors designers across India and globally will vouch for this change.

Interior Design Trends 2022 & Its Love for Open Spaces

Sustainable open spaces, sounds contradictory doesn’t it? Is it even possible? Yes, through multi-functional furniture and user-centric design techniques. Designers and agencies combine these strategies to build residences and offices which are a paradigm shift from the standard practices. This form of design approach provides luxurious yet dedicated furniture which doesn’t eat into the already choked real-estate, and the result; a highly breathable, vibrant, warm and inviting space.

Color Palette – A Reflection of Nature

Earthly colors are back and how? Neutrals, cream, pastel greens, sunshine yellow and beiges are trending in 2022. Achromatic colors are exploited in tandem with warmer tones. Of course the color palette also affects the furnishings such as drapes, sofa, bed paddings and even the shades of bedside lamps. Blending is the key here and therefore top interior design firms exploit state of the art software to create a perfect amalgamation of opulence, distinctiveness and functionality. Tonal variations are the next big thing. This is especially true for spaces such as children’s room, and pantries / recreational areas in offices. It provides that “Joyful” vibe, and instant nirvana from fatigue.

Luminaires & Lighting Fixtures

Sun’s light is the ultimate source of life and an essential element of human existence. However, artificial light is still needed to illuminate workplaces and residential quarters; sparingly during the day and continuously post sunset. So, what are some of the 2022 interior design trends when it comes to light source and form factor? Standalone, hanging lamps which are character driven, sculptured or casted, and reflect vintage elements such as gold and glass components are the first choice. As mentioned above, the bedside lamp shades are customized to complement dominant texture while the body is made from wood, porcelain or wrought iron. On the other hand, design agencies exploit pendant variations in different shapes and sizes, mostly in workplaces. This is suitably supplemented with miniature lamps scattered in creative and strategic layout. “Accent” and “Recessed” are some of the other lighting options which designers frequently use.

Conclusion –

By exploiting natural, sustainable resources and keeping the design and furnishing options to the minimum, interior designers and agencies have redefined the concept of “basics”. It not only offers an aesthetically pleasing and profound ambience but also looks distinct. Multi-faceted furniture and fittings made from these resources is the design mantra for 2022.


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