Why Is Interior Design Important To The Hospitality Industry?

interior design for hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is one of the biggest businesses across the globe, and contributes to 7.5 percent of India’s GDP. And it is growing year on year. The reason for this exponential contribution is the ballooning economy, rise in international business & leisure tourism ( Pre and Post-Covid ) and the increasing number of middle class families with surplus / disposable income. Incidentally, this business is highly human-centric. A hospitality brand is highly susceptible to customer experience, and therefore interior design for hospitality industry is an important aspect.

According to top interior designers, individuals as well as agencies, a typical leisure or business guest staying in a hotel or visiting a restaurant expects –

1. Relaxing and warm ambience.
2. Superlative comfort.
3. Extraordinary services / amenities in terms hygiene, staff, food and recreation.

While the ambience and comfort rests with interior design agencies, food and room services falls outside its purview.

Interior Design Importance –

There is an old adage, “First impression is the last impression” which fits the hospitality industry perfectly. Every guest expects a warm welcome and an equally warm backdrop upon entering. This includes the lobby, the rooms and various facilities. Visually and aesthetically appealing furniture and fixtures are some of the other expectations.

If it is a restaurant, the guest expects good food and absolute comfort. This is where professional interior design agencies step in, by providing intuitively designed sofas, chairs and bar elements. These are comfort providers, and therefore no designing firm will compromise. On the other hand, guests expect the same level of comfort when it comes to accommodation. Once again, it is the interior designer who caters to the discerning needs of leisure and business travellers. Room elements such as bed, wardrobe, study desk and washroom should be visually pleasing as well as provide divine comfort.

The scope of best interior designers or agencies doesn’t end here –

These professional entities make sure that the furniture and fixtures are highly durable, resist wear and tear, easy to repair and update / upgrade if the need arises. This is one of the critical demands of hospitality industry.

Impact of Professional Interior Design –

Before searching for professional “Interior designers India” know the impact it has on this industry.

• Increased occupancy and thereby bottom line – A warm, beautifully spruced up interiors along with vibrant ambience is the gateway to a guest’s heart. Interior designing firms and professionals provides these assets.

• Increased staff efficiency – A well designed hotel or a restaurant perks up the spirits of not just the guests. It invokes pride in the staff. The result — improved efficiency and productivity. Employees love to be associated with hotels that are passionate about ambience, interiors and their brand value.

• Reduced outgoings – Interior designing agencies exploit state of the art technologies along with organic design solutions. It translates into reduced power bills, wastage of hotel / restaurant assets and improved sustainability.

Interior design firms in Mumbai will vouch for the following –

Metropolitan cities boast large number of hotels and restaurants. Mumbai is one such example. So, if you are Google searching for “Interior designers Mumbai” then make sure your chosen agency is capable of the following –

1. Architectural facelift / modification.
2. Ceiling, wall & window design management.
3. Furnishing and fixture facets.
4. Artifacts and artwork provision.

Conclusion –

Hotels and restaurants are an integral part of hospitality industry. Its success is deeply connected with human experience. Therefore, seeking interior design solutions from reputed individuals or agencies makes sense, as these entities provide unmatched visual, accommodation and dining experience.


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